Services & Pricing

Chances are, you'll have already browsed numerous portfolios and websites before you arrived here. When it comes to pricing, almost always the answer will be "What's your budget?". I've often found that to be somewhat unfair, both on the client and the designer. As a designer, you either do the work to your best ability - or not at all. I don't charge by the hour, partly because that leads to ambiguity in terms of cost and time expectation, and also because it penalises the designer for "being good".

Of course, it would be true to state that some clients want or need a bit more - perhaps you need to see each concept applied to a variety of situations or products, or you need an in-depth presentation to present to board members. Neither of those situations is especially unusual, and of course I am willing to accommodate - pricing in those instances would be fixed once I know exactly what you need.

The vast majority of my clients need the same thing, so for those I have fixed my pricing which you can see below - you can create a project directly from here. If your needs differ, simply ask for a quote and I will do my best to accommodate. More details of what I offer can be found below the pricing.

$ 225 USD
  • 5 Initial Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions*
  • Extensive Artwork Package
  • Plus Supplementary Items**
  • Basic Brand Book
  • Pay just 10% to start and balance on completion

  • Initial concepts by Wednesday, November 29

Select this option and let me know what you need on the next page and I'll provide a fixed price quote before you commit.

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Social Media Artwork
  • Print Advertising
  • Web Banners
  • Plus more...

  • All enquiries responded to within 24 hours

Logo Design

The vast majority of clients coming to me are likely to be small or medium sized businesses, or startups. For that reason, I offer a 'standard' package that I find covers almost all needs.

Whilst it's certainly true that you can get cheaper - the 'net is full of '$5 Logo' offers for example, the likelihood is that they'll be either templates, plagiarised, or plain rubbish.

Equally, you could pay substantially more - in the 'offline world' it's not uncommon for firms to charge 4-figure sums for a simple logo design.

I work exclusively online, which means I don't spend hours on the phone, travelling to what are usually pointless meetings and so on. That allows me to both be more efficient, and more cost-effective.

My 'standard' package will cover most needs, and leave you with a package of artwork that covers every eventuality.

Corporate Identity

The identity package includes a logo as detailed above, together with Business Card and Letterhead.

Once you've settled on your chosen logo design, I'll proceed to design a number of complimentary concepts for the business cards and letterhead. Again, artwork for the chosen designs will be provided as original files, together with 'print ready' artwork you can send directly to your chosen printer.

Everything else...

Aside from Logos and Stationery, almost everything else differs to such a degree that a standard 'price list' doesn't quite fit. However, simply let me know what you need and I'll give you a fixed price based on your brief.