Privacy Policy

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When you visit a page at, my web server - as with all others - will recognise your IP address and/or domain name. At no point will your email address be recorded, nor will any other personal information be collected, except in instances where such information is volunteered (such as when starting a project, or using the contact form).

In such instances where personal information is volunteered to me, it will be used solely for my own use and will not be shared with anyone else.

My website uses cookies to record session information, such as activity on my site and links to external sites. This is used purely for my own benefit - for example usage statistics, and not shared with anyone else. A separate, more detailed, cookie policy can be found here.

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From time to time, this Privacy Policy may be updated. Please check the website periodically if you have any concern about how your information may be used.

Where information is held about you, I will upon request provide details of what information is held. Any inaccuracies may be corrected by contacting me directly.

All appropriate security measures have been taken to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of information held about my visitors.