New Site, New Beginnings!

Around 18 months ago, I launched my original site - having previously relied entirely on freelance portals or word-of-mouth to generate business.  The original site was very much a 'last minute', 'good enough' job spurred on by the closure of a number of platforms that I relied on for new business.  It was always my intention to update it, or at least keep it up to date - but it never happened.

Part of the problem with 'portfolio' sites is that there isn't always an incentive to keep them updated - they're not always seen as a valuable tool to work with.  A while ago I started looking for an alternative that incorporated some form of project management tool, but none exist.  There are plenty of 'portfolio' platforms (Behance etc), plenty of project management platforms (Basecamp, Asana etc), but none that bring the two together - and crucially, nothing with integrated billing and payments.

So, when it came time to think about my own site, I decided to not only address the need to update things, but also make it more of a tool that I'd use every day.  As I have developed it, it's evolved to become 'the business' - it's no longer just a portfolio, but also a project messaging platform and an invoicing system.  Essentially, my entire business will run through this website.

So, on to the features of the new site...

14 Mar 2017

Why you should avoid solid backgrounds on your logo files

I'm often asked to include a solid background colour on logo artwork - here's why you should avoid it at all costs.

27 Mar 2016