About Me

In my early teens, a school project to create a brand and packaging design for a fictional photo film brand would spark my passion for branding (long before digital cameras were a thing!). For almost a year, I lived and breathed that project - I would spend all my spare time sat at my A2 drawing board with an array of pencils, perfecting and refining my concepts. Sadly, I no longer have a copy of the end result, but I recall being immensely proud of the result.

My other passion back in those days was programming - writing 'games' (term used loosely!) for my ZX Spectrum, and later Atari ST. My early career would head in this direction, albeit more as a web application developer - in the very early days of such occupations (and long before every other freelancer was doing it!). I would later mix these skills with brand marketing to create and manage online marketing campaigns for some of the UK's largest companies, an area that saw tremendous growth in a very short period.

For the last 7 years, I have focused almost entirely on branding, working as a freelancer under my alter ego 'BrandGeek'.

In that time, I have created brand identities for companies of all sizes, and with all budgets.

I work efficiently and believe in great communication at all times - you'll never wait more than an hour for a reply from me (except when I'm sleeping, obviously!). I have invested time and resources to facilitate this, and this website is a culmination of that with the introduction of project workrooms (when we work together on a project) and live chat facility. I always prefer to work 'electronically' - via my own project workrooms or email, as this allows me to keep distractions to a minimum as well as ensuring everything is on hand.

I start every project with a pencil and paper, sketching ideas roughly before bringing them to life on screen. I use the industry-standard Adobe Suite for all projects, with logos for example being created in Adobe Illustrator. I work on a dual-monitor Apple iMac 5k and an Apple Macbook Pro, whilst also running a Windows Dedicated server. Whilst working, I listen to music by artists such as Tycho, Kebu and Inner Trip.

Married with 2 children, my interests outside work include Gardening and I'm an avid fan of Formula One and the various feeder series.

What others say about me

Lee is a dark horse, he keeps himself to himself. He enjoys the simple things in life such as spending time with his family and in his spare time he grows food in his garden, which isn't quite as big as he'd like it to be...one day Lee will have the garden he wishes because he works hard. He likes the solitude of working from home, you could say he's a little introverted. There is no doubt he understands his clients needs as most of them come back time and time again. He is fair and honest, which is rare to find in business. That's why you should work with BrandGeek...

Lee is a professional and delivers very high quality work. His feedback during the design process is also insightful and very relevant. Highly recommended. It's been a pleasure and I look forward to working with Lee again.